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UP Summit XC4 is ready…

Here’s what UP have to say… Introducing the new Summit XC4 – great performance in a package YOU can handle! We’ve heard it time and again; “it isn’t about the glider, it is the pilot hanging underneath that makes the difference” – and while there is certainly some truth in that statement, we also all […]

Learn to Paraglide with Paraventures!

For a long time, people have been asking when i’ll open a school. For just as long, i’ve avoided the answer! Learn to Paraglide Now! From the 6th August Paraventures will be offering learn to paraglide courses; Intro Days, PG1 and PG2 courses. Our primary training site will be Cardrona Ski Field amd we will operate […]

Skyman… in New Zealand

Paraventures are proud to announce they’re now the distributors for Skyman. Many pilots will know of the Ultra Cross reserve, weighing in at 975g! …but maybe not so many know they have gliders and harnesses to match! We’re proud to distribute Skyman and feel it will complement the supply of our other favourites, UP, very nicely. It’s […]

UP Trango XC3

The new benchmark in the EN C class Building the replacement for a very popular wing is, in some respects, a thankless endeavour. On the one hand you can be fairly certain that it will be a success, on the other hand there’s a good chance that finding things to actually improve is going to […]

Day 2

We woke to a blue sky. Ever hopeful, Stu and Gareth went to drop the cars in the valley. We knew if would be an early site. Whilst in Marlins, the guys from the local school told them the day would be stable . We needed to start high. Hmmm… that wasn’t really an option without a […]


As tempting as it is to jump to the present, I won’t. I’ll tell the story from the beginning… Once upon a time, a long two weeks ago, we arrived in Annecy. Sleep deprived and hungry, we were in no state for our first day of flying. This day was only ever intended to be […]

The tent…

Here it is…. a two man tent, weighing in at an astonishing 600g (including all accessories) or thereabouts. And much to most peoples surprise, it is waterproof! It’s a seriously cool piece of kit. Check out the ZPacks Hexamid Twin…

England’s Turn

Not wanting to be outdone by the Irish, I arranged for a terrible forecast to be converted into alternating awesome flying and rain. We arrived in Keswick to see gliders up on Latrigg. So off we went. The lack of a bottom landing field was all the encouragement Mel needed to practice her slope landing […]