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Day 2

We woke to a blue sky. Ever hopeful, Stu and Gareth went to drop the cars in the valley. We knew if would be an early site. Whilst in Marlins, the guys from the local school told them the day would be stable . We needed to start high. Hmmm… that wasn’t really an option without a […]


As tempting as it is to jump to the present, I won’t. I’ll tell the story from the beginning… Once upon a time, a long two weeks ago, we arrived in Annecy. Sleep deprived and hungry, we were in no state for our first day of flying. This day was only ever intended to be […]

The tent…

Here it is…. a two man tent, weighing in at an astonishing 600g (including all accessories) or thereabouts. And much to most peoples surprise, it is waterproof! It’s a seriously cool piece of kit. Check out the ZPacks Hexamid Twin…

England’s Turn

Not wanting to be outdone by the Irish, I arranged for a terrible forecast to be converted into alternating awesome flying and rain. We arrived in Keswick to see gliders up on Latrigg. So off we went. The lack of a bottom landing field was all the encouragement Mel needed to practice her slope landing […]

Luck of the Irish

We had only two opportunities to fly during our week in Ireland. Being realistic in our expectations of Irish weather, neither Mel nor I expected to fly. We got lucky… twice. As a picture paints a thousand words, Mel’s facebook album tells a far better story than I could write, so I’ll keep it brief… […]

Opera Singers, Tuberculosis and Craig Y Nos Castle

My training’s complete. The 21st dawned a sunny day. With my sister’s car and decidingly little information, I was off to Wales. The Blorenge was going to be good… Upon getting to Abergavenny, I needed lunch. In a hurry, I grabbed a bag of crisps. Much to my disappointment, the bag contained salt and vinegar […]

And so it begins…

Over recent weeks I’ve somehow committed myself to write a blog whilst I’m away. My track record for communicating whilst on holiday is somewhat poor! I’ll be impressed if I write anything, even more impressed if anyone reads it, and stunned if I can keep people engaged! I can but try! We’d initially planned to […]

Summit XC3

Here’s some words from UP… I can’t wait to find out more! “When we first introduced the Trango XC2, after having certified it to EN C standards, we frankly thought the life of the Summit series wings was over. Boy were we wrong! Although the Trango XC2 is a very accessible wing it has turned […]