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The tent…

Here it is…. a two man tent, weighing in at an astonishing 600g (including all accessories) or thereabouts. And much to most peoples surprise, it is waterproof! It’s a seriously cool piece of kit. Check out the ZPacks Hexamid Twin…

England’s Turn

Not wanting to be outdone by the Irish, I arranged for a terrible forecast to be converted into alternating awesome flying and rain. We arrived in Keswick to see gliders up on Latrigg. So off we went. The lack of a bottom landing field was all the encouragement Mel needed to practice her slope landing […]

Luck of the Irish

We had only two opportunities to fly during our week in Ireland. Being realistic in our expectations of Irish weather, neither Mel nor I expected to fly. We got lucky… twice. As a picture paints a thousand words, Mel’s facebook album tells a far better story than I could write, so I’ll keep it brief… […]

Opera Singers, Tuberculosis and Craig Y Nos Castle

My training’s complete. The 21st dawned a sunny day. With my sister’s car and decidingly little information, I was off to Wales. The Blorenge was going to be good… Upon getting to Abergavenny, I needed lunch. In a hurry, I grabbed a bag of crisps. Much to my disappointment, the bag contained salt and vinegar […]

And so it begins…

Over recent weeks I’ve somehow committed myself to write a blog whilst I’m away. My track record for communicating whilst on holiday is somewhat poor! I’ll be impressed if I write anything, even more impressed if anyone reads it, and stunned if I can keep people engaged! I can but try! We’d initially planned to […]

Summit XC3

Here’s some words from UP… I can’t wait to find out more! “When we first introduced the Trango XC2, after having certified it to EN C standards, we frankly thought the life of the Summit series wings was over. Boy were we wrong! Although the Trango XC2 is a very accessible wing it has turned […]

3 More XC Courses announced…

Two courses are already planned: 9th/10th/16th/17th November in Wanaka and 26th-30th December in Nelson. To keep the ball rolling, I’m finalising dates for the following courses: Wanaka, early January. Nelson, mid January. Central North Island, mid February. Check out our XC course details page for more information.