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AEF Cameleon Finger Throttle

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Product Description

AEF Cameleon is a digital throttle for paramotor and ULM engines and for remote control of all engines in general.

The Cameleon was created having observed that the only muscle available when both hands are occupied steering a machine, is the index finger.

The Cameleon has been designed to make life easy for you in flight;

  • Right and left hand Versions.
  • 0-35mm control movement at the carburettor.
  • Thumb operated rocker main ON/OFF switch (lockable in OFF position).
  • Indexed cruise control.
  • Rocker switch On mid stroke pressure: cruise control release (intrinsically safe system sensoring starting at low throttle opening).
  • Rocker switch ON full stroke pressure: activates the starter. – designed for use with gloves.
  • Foam adjusting pads supplied to personalise the Cameleon to your preferred shape.
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap.
  • 8 position control trigger.
  • Steel cable clamp included, reversible control cable with termination at either Cameleon or Carburettor end.
  • Supplied with 2 metres of cable for cutting to required length.
  • Supplied with sheath clamp for motor side connection.
  • Installation manual included.
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