UP Misti

UP Misti

The UP Misti continues the trend of making progression in aerobatics safer. UP focused on maximizing energy so you can choose the fun factor based on wing loading! Sizes from 14 to 33. The backfly is very easy, clean and controllable. A wing loading of 4,25 kg/sqm is ideal for starting Rythmic SAT training. For a successful a Superstall to Infinity tumbling, you’ll need a smaller size!!

The construction of the Misti follows the highest standards: reinforced leading-edge taped up between cells, tension straps on all cascades, specially angled attachment points, and the strongest line material available.

Check out Ondrej Prochazka’s instagram page to see what the Misti’s capable of in the right hands. Further details are available here, or on the UP website.


UP Rimo (mid En-A)

UP have just released their new mid En-A glider, the Rimo. Complementing the Dina (High En-A), the Rimo will take the greatest possible care of you. Perfectly suited for pilots wanting the safest possible wing, whilst retaining good handling and performance.

Demo wings currently available in the small/medium and medium sizes.


UP Dena (sophiticated, super high En-A…)

The Dena is UP’s new EN-A + paraglider. It is an A-glider with, fine handling and outstanding performance in its class. Thanks to the use of technological achievements from the development of higher class paragliders, a masterpiece has been crafted.

The Dena is not a replacement for the Ascent 4… sitting above the Ascent 4, it will inspire pilots looking for their first wing or the absolute best possible performance whilst maintaing an En-A rating.