How to Become a Student with Paraventures

The following should guide prospective students through the administrative steps of getting started with Paraventures.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1: Complete the online Student Registration Form

To become a student you must complete our online Student Registration Form (here). This includes Intro Day, PG1 and PG2 students. Students who have begun their training with another school (but wish to continue with us) still need to complete the form.

Students under the age of 18 need parental consent. This can be provided by having a parent or legal guardian complete the Parental Consent Form (here).

You will be directed back to this page upon completion of either the Student Registration or Parental Consent Form.

Step 2: Book a Course

You can find information on booking a course here.

Step 3: Join the NZHGPA as a Student Member

It is a legal requirement to be a member of the NZHGPA whenever paragliding in New Zealand. This applies to both students and qualified pilots. There are three ways in which you can obtain membership.

  • Student Membership Form
    • Valid for 3 days. Can only be taken out once.
    • Available by completing a paper form. We supply these as part of our Intro Day.
    • There is no charge for this temporary membership.
    • A sample form is available here.
  • Online Student Membership
    • Valid for 1 year.
    • Only available online here.
    • Costs $25.
    • Payment can be by credit card or bank transfer. Please be aware that payment by bank transfer does not result in immediate membership and therefore needs to be done in advance.
  • Full Membership
    • Valid for 1 year.
    • Only available online here.
    • Budget approximately $200/year for Full Membership. There are some variables which contribute to the final cost.

Students usually join using the temporary Student Membership Form as part of their Intro Day. Those who complete further training are then required to upgrade to either Online Student Membership or Full Membership. Most students choose the Online Student Membership option. Upon completion of PG2 students need to upgrade to Full Membership to obtain their PG2 rating.

Step 4: Obtain a Flight Park “Season Pass”

We fly from a variety of hills around Queenstown and Wanaka.

Our “Intro Day” courses are sometimes run from the Flight Park. We land at the Flight Park whenever we do PG1 and PG2 flights from Coronet Peak. Use of the Flight Park requires landing fees to be paid. Students are responsible for paying their own Flight Park landing fees.

Landing fees can be paid on a daily ($10), weekly ($20), monthly ($40) or annual ($80) basis. We’re likely to talk about these options as part of your Intro Day.

If you’re excited and sure you’ll continue (with PG1 or PG2), you may like to arrange a season pass in advance. This can be done here and we encourage students to get an annual pass.

Ground Training at Cardrona