England’s Turn

Not wanting to be outdone by the Irish, I arranged for a terrible forecast to be converted into alternating awesome flying and rain.
We arrived in Keswick to see gliders up on Latrigg. So off we went. The lack of a bottom landing field was all the encouragement Mel needed to practice her slope landing pirrouette crumple. A move she’s been refining. Her first attempt was perfect, ending in a heap beside a bunch on nettles. The second attempt was nothing short of a perfect regular slope landing. Not nearly as entertaining, but far safer than the pirrouette crumple version.
After two days of tent waterproofness testing, England had sorted it’s weather out again. Mel suffered through stories of my early tandem flights as we walked up Jenkin. We were presented with 3 m/s climbs and a tiki tour along the face of Blencathra, back past Skiddaw and along to Bassenthwaite.
Thank you England. If you can provide similar flying next time I visit, I’ll be quite content in trying to jam everything into a rather busy week.
Next step… Europe.