Booking a Course

You should register as a student BEFORE you proceed to booking a course with Paraventures. You can complete our online Student Registration Form (here). This applies to Intro Day, PG1 and PG2 students.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Booking a Course

  • Intro Days – Get in touch to enquire about “Intro Day” dates and availability (contact us). We usually offer “Intro Day” courses on the first day of our PG1 courses. We offer them on other dates too, depending on demand, the weather and how busy we are. It is not possible to book an Intro Day course online, but you can buy a voucher… We’ll email the voucher through (which could be gifted). The recipient can contact us to arrange a suitable date. You can purchase a voucher here.
  • PG1 Courses – The PG1 course includes the Intro Day. PG1 courses are usually 3 days, but we sometimes need a 4th day in case of bad weather. Contact us if the dates don’t suit, or if you have questions. BOOK ONLINE.
  • PG2 Courses – PG1 is the first step to PG2. Any student wanting to complete PG2 should start by making a PG1 booking. Upon completing PG1, it’s usually possible to continue straight into PG2, depending on weather and your availability. Contact us if the PG1 course dates don’t suit, or if you have questions.

Our Covid-19 and vaccine certificate policy is available to read here.

Our refund, cancellation and re-booking policy is available to read here.