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Paragliding news from New Zealand’s South Island

1st 2013 XC Course Announced

When: 4 day course. 9th and 10th November 2013 and the two best looking days from the 16th, 17th, 23th and 24th November.

Where: Wanaka, NZ.

Who: Targeted towards relatively new cross country pilots. Minimum 4 people, maximum 5.

Cost: $475 per person.

Included: Combination of practical and theoretical components, including equipment and preparation, weather forecasting, sources of lift, glider control, flying efficiently, flight analysis and review, fear, stress and performance, and goal setting.

UP Trango X-Light2

Straight from UP:

Photo courtesy of UP

Photo courtesy of UP

The Trango X-Light 2 is based on the Trango XC2 and is manufactured in three certified sizes. The S is certified EN C, while the S/M and the M size are both certified EN D, and have substantially longer speedbar travel, resulting in an increased top speed of 5-7km/h compared to the XC2. This should come in handy for the X-Alps pilots, with their tendency towards evaluating flying conditions on a different scale compared to the rest of us(!) but it also makes the wing very interesting for someone looking for a solid, predictable wing in the EN D category that WON’T pack itself back into the bag at the first given opportunity, yet still has the performance to give the 2-liners a good battle to the goal line! As anyone who has flown the XC2 in a competition environment will testify, this wing has amazing performance and can keep up with the full-on comp wings except at the very top of the speed range – this should now be addressed!

Spring Time Challenge

Trango near GlenorchyNow we’ve got the shortest day out of the way, I’m ready to get excited about spring flying!
So, to get everyone else excited, I’m offering a $100 discount off a Flymaster GPS, NAV or LIVE to the first person who flies a cross country of over 20km, on a UP glider, in NZ.

It’d be great if you could send some photos of your spring flights through.