Paragliding SIV Courses

Dates: (on demand)

Duncan Ohau SIV Paragliding NZ SIV Course SIV Water Landing Firebird Turbo Stop Series

Paragliding SIV Course Details:

A paragliding SIV course is likely to be one of the most valuable courses you can do in your flying career.

The course will increase your confidence hugely. It will give you the skills to deal with some of the more unusual situations and conditions you are likely to encounter whilst flying.

Based in the Southern Lakes region of New Zealand, we have access to several sites providing flights over water. Our preferred site is at Lake Ohau, shown above, launching from Ohau Ski Field.

Courses include:

  • Transport to launch
  • Waterproof radio communication
  • Life jacket and rescue boat
  • Video footage
  • Pre-course equipment inspection
  • Reserve repack(s) if needed
  • Pre and post flight briefings

The syllabus includes everything required to achieve your PG3 and more:

  • Speed Bar
  • Big Ears, Big Ears + Speed Bar
  • Asymetric and Full Frontal Collapses
  • Wing Overs
  • Spirals
  • B-lines
  • Pre-Stalls
  • Full Stalls
  • Pre-Spins
  • Spins

Additional manoevres can be included, depending on your needs and desires!

Feel free to contact us to find out more or to book onto one of our upcoming SIV courses. If you’re feeling intimidated by the concept of some of the manoeuvres, don’t worry. Get in touch and we can arrange something that’s right for you.

SIV Course Testimonials:

Shaun Gilbert

“I have been meaning to send you a personal thank you for the professional and informative way you ran the SIV course. I was very impressed with your depth of knowledge and ability to convey essential actions in such a calm and measured way.”

Daniel Diaz Rizo

“Hey Mark, I just want to thank you again and the whole crew for this experience, it was really rewarding, probably the best thing I’ve invested in Paragliding. Mind blowing place and really amazing to learn from you, you’re not only an awesome mentor but a really good person too.”

Mark Macdonald

“Thanks heaps for a very well run SIV course.”
“Thanks Mark for your calm, clear and concise instructions when everything is upsidedown, inside out and turning in circles and for your obvious in depth knowledge of the physics involved.”
“I look forward to joining you for another course next season to build on what you have taught me about flying my wing this time. I will be a little more prepared next time having experienced most of the manouvers for the first time this course.”

Tony Skerrett:

“I had completed a SIV already with Mark a few years ago when I decided that I needed to get better acquainted with my new wing. 
Mark is experienced at flying high aspect ratio wings and I needed that experience to put my Ice peak through it’s paces. Every wing has it’s peculiarities and the Ice peak is no exception. Mark has a few toys so safety was covered. Video is supplied so you can gulp or smile, if you have the time. What made it a really great experience is the mountain scenery where the SIV is carried out. Truly breath taking. If I take anything from the SIV. I know where to go to do my next one!”

Peter Grieve:

“Most of all the course was a lot more FUN than I anticipated – and that was only possible due to the re-assuring nature of Mark’s training combined with Melanie’s encouragement and support to make for a training environment that feels safe while pushing personal limits. Mark knows what he teaches and this flows through to the students with increased confidence and knowledge as a result of doing this SIV– certainly will help me in my flying! A magical setting to stay and fly as well!”