PG1 Course

So, you want to get high? Be careful, it’s surprisingly addictive!

The PG1 course starts with the Intro Day and is a 3 day course. If you’ve completed an Intro Day but want more, it’s no problem. Just let us know that you want to carry on. You can upgrade at any stage.


If you’re booking a PG1 course, please read the Intro Day details of what to bring.

The NZHGPA PG1 Course Syllabus

Flight Requirements:

  • Correctly unpack/pack the paraglider and harness and correctly lay out the paraglider.
  • Demonstrate the 5 point pre-flight check.
  • Demonstrate canopy establishment (inflation) – check, correct and take-off or abort.
  • Complete at least 6 satisfactory paragliding flights on at least 2 separate days, showing consistently good take-offs , landings and directional control.
  • Be able to land in a standing position.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hard landing technique.
  • Demonstrate an ability to assess suitable weather conditions for paragliding.
  • Be able to evaluate suitable launch and landing areas.
  • Show competency as a launch assistant.
  • Demonstrate a safe attitude towards paragliding.

Flight Log Requirements:

  • Kept and accurate and up to date log book.
  • Own or have access to a training manual.


  • Written answers satisfactory and accepted.

The PG1 course syllabus requires a minimum of 6 flights. We do 10, including high flights! You’ll come to realise that our philosophy of training often exceeds the minimum requirements.

Our PG1 Course includes High Flights

What’s a high flight? Your first high flights are usually from either Cardrona Ski Field or Coronet Peak! That’s more than 600m height difference between launch and landing…


The first step is to register as a student. This can be done here.

Once registered, you can book a PG1 course here.

Cardrona #4   Cardrona #7