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Vaccination Passes

Paraventures will require students to provide an approved vaccination pass from 3rd December 2021. Students are asked to upload their passes here:

Theory Videos, Tutorials and Links

Online Exams

PG1 Exam

  • Paraventures uses an online platform for the PG1 exam.
  • The PG1 Exam can be accessed here: PG1 Exam
  • Allow at least 30 minutes to complete the exam.
  • A summary of your answers will be emailed to you and your instructor when you submit your exam.
  • Most of the questions are “fill in the blanks”. If we haven’t anticipated your answer, the system will mark your answer as incorrect. We will correct this if we are satisfied your answer is correct.
  • Incorrect answers can be corrected. We’ll explain how we do this.

VFR Exam

  • The VFR Exam can be accessed here: VFR Exam
  • Password to access the exam is “vfr2020”.
  • Study guide for the exam is available here.

PG2 Meteorology Exam

  • The Meteorology Exam can be accessed here: Met Exam
  • Password to access the exam is “met2020”.

Membership and Subscriptions

Joining the NZHGPA as a Student Member can be completed here:

You can purchase a Flight Park season pass here: