PG2 Course

You don’t just want to fly. You want to be a pilot. Learn to fly in Wanaka.

To fly paragliders unsupervised (in New Zealand) pilots are required to be members of the NZHGPA and hold a PG2 rating. The progression from Intro Day to PG1 and on to the PG2 course, typically takes somewhere between 10 and 16 flyable days. The PG2 course syllabus below outlines some of what you’ll cover.

The PG2 Course Syllabus

Flight Skills:

  • Equipment set up and pre-flight checks.
  • Controlled forward inflation and launch.
  • Big ears, with/without weight shift.
  • Controlled reverse inflation and launch.
  • Pitch and roll control in straight flight.
  • Coordinated high and low bank turns.
  • 360 degree turns left and right with pitch and roll control.
  • Rear riser control, use and limitations.
  • Speed bar, big ears and speed bar.
  • Controlled landing into wind within 20m or a pre-determined spot on 2 consecutive flights.
  • Top landings, slope landings (optional).
  • Wingovers (optional).
  • Asymmetric collapse (optional).

Knowledge and Attitude:

  • Knowledge of rescue parachute deployment and PLF.
  • Understand alternative landing approach methods.
  • Appropriate site, weather and risk assessments.
  • Demonstrate a “safety first” attitude for self and others.
  • Know and obey right of way rules when flying with other aircraft.

Flight Experience:

  • Total 150 mins flight time including a total of 100 minutes achieved in no more than 10 flights.
  • Total of 40 flights from authorized launch sites.
  • Flights from at least 4 different launch sites to at least 3 different landing areas.
  • At least 5 take-offs in wind of 5 knots (9 kph) or less.
  • At least 5 take-offs in wind of 9 knows (17 kph) or more.

Paraventures are based in Cardrona, part way between Queenstown and Wanaka. Our primary training site is Cardrona ski field. There are many many sites that can be flown around Wanaka and a handful around Queenstown. As your skills develop, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to travel to alternative sites. This is a fantastic way to learn and something that sets Paraventures aside from many other schools.

If you’re from overseas, or planning to travel, you can apply for an IPPI Card at the end of your PG2 course. This is the paragliding equivalent of an international drivers license.

Want to Know More?

If you still have questions, or if you want to book a course, please get in touch. Contact details can be found here.