Independence NG & NG Light


Product Description

For years the name Independence has been synonymous with innovation and quality in rescue systems. 

Following the Evo Cross and the still unbeaten light Ultra Cross (also sold under the Skyman brand), Independence developed an optimised cross canopy design with the Next Generation (NG) series.

The innovative X-Flare concept is based on precisely calculated triangular flares positioned over the entire canopy. The X-flares ensure an evenly distributed load with almost no curve at the top. 

This increases the projected area to the maximum. As a result, it increases the effectiveness and reduces the sink rate. The outcome is an excellent sink rate of just over 5 m/s at maximum loads for all sizes of the NG series. This is equivalent to a jump from a height of about 1.3 m. 

As a positive side effect, the canopy volume is significantly smaller and the canopy hem, which is important for the opening behaviour, reduces the inflation and thus the opening time.

Defined outlets on all four corners, as well as individually calculated line lengths, ensure extreme oscillation stability

The canopy hem offers a high level of opening reliability due to the graduated line lengths, as the air flow in the folded configuration offers a high surface of attack for a reliable opening.

NG and NG Light Features

  • Certified according to EN 12491
  • Very fast opening time
  • Extremely high pendulum stability
  • Very high opening reliability
  • Excellent sink rate
  • Easy repacking
  • 2 series in 3 sizes each

Technical Data

Model Area Max Load Weight
NG 100 25 m2 5.28 m/s @ 100 kg 1.45 kg
NG 100 Light 25 m2 5.1 m/s @ 100 kg 1.18 kg
NG 120  29 m2 5.14 m/s @ 120 kg 1.6 kg
NG 120 Light  29 m2 5.16 m/s @ 120 kg 1.3 kg
NG 140 33 m2 5.37 m/s @ 140 kg 1.85 kg
NG 140 Light 33 m2 5.45 m/s @ 140 kg 1.49 kg



Sizes and Colours


100, 120, 140


NG, NG Light

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