Independence Tanga


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Product Description

So light, so strong and yet so comfortable.

Its strength is not only in comfort and convenience, but also in its certification. The Tanga is pehaps the only “light harness” on the market that is LTF/EN load certified to 120kg.

The Tanga is a split leg harness made with high-strength and durable Cordura fabric that was developed for Independence. This fabric, structurally reinforced with Dyneema, enables optimal load distribution and support between the supporting straps. This distribution of forces has a strikingly positive effect on the fit and comfort of the Tanga harness.

The Tanga harness can be adjusted perfectly and easily to the pilot with the high-quality Edelrid adjustment buckles.
With these buckles, the seat angle as well as the length of the shoulder straps are adjusted.  The closure of the chest strap is made as a get-up system through the main carabiners. This eliminates the hassle of needing to climb into the harness with dirty shoes, ski boots, or if you’re wearing crampons.

The harness Tanga, equipped as standard with the Recco reflector, can be equipped with an optional airbag that reaches up to the shoulders. This airbag also has two small external pockets.

The Facts :

  • LTF/EN approved up to 120kg
  • Weight: only 435 grams incl. carabiner
  • Recco reflector
  • High comfort
  • Long life due to structure-reinforcing Dyneema fabric
  • Adjustable seat position
  • Integrated Riley accelerator wheels
  • Smallest pack size
  • Get-Up leg loop closure – no stepping into the harness
  • Optional airbag