UP Kibo (EN-B)

Product Description

With the new UP Kibo (EN B), UP puts a whole new product branch on the UP family tree

The ideal mid-range EN B glider, and a perfect all-rounder at heart, the UP Kibo is built to progress on – it is the perfect mix between a very safe and forgiving beginner’s wing and a performance-and-XC paraglider, meaning it will teach its pilot exactly how performance gliders fly, but it will look after them while doing so. It sits comfortably between the new Makalu 4 and the Summit XC3 in the UP model range.

UP Kibo Features

  • Safe and easy to fly but with loads of real-air performance
  • New Generation Aerofoil (NGA) for a solid leading edge and great penetration in turbulence
  • Perfect stepping-stone for pilots wishing to progress in comfort and safety
  • Glide performance to make those big valley crossings in real conditions a breeze
  • Very stable even at top speed due to our Nylon Front Section Support system (FSS)
  • Precise, linear handling similar to the high- performance UP models
  • C-riser controllable
  • 2. generation Brakeline Tensioning System (BTS2) for better handling with less line consumption
  • Mini-rib canopy construction
  • Light and efficient speed system with Ronstantm pulleys
  • Double 3D panel shaping technology – less wrinkles, less drag
  • Half-moon shaped cell openings – maximum leading edge integrity, minimal drag
  • 4 sizes, covering hook-in weights from 65kgs to 130kgs


  • Lime/Sky
  • Red/Petrol
  • Purple/Orange

Technical Data

Kibo Technical Data

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