UP Mana (EN-A to EN-C)

Product Description

Ultra light and incredible versatile! This is the new Mana! In the XS-size (18) the Mana just weights 2,3 kilograms and it is fully equipped with the latest technology (3-D panel shaping, NGA, Miniribs,…).

The Mana’s versatility is huge, determined by the requirements, skills and weight of the pilot.

Its standard certification is LTF/EN-A and it is an awesome wing for any newcomer and thermal addict. Flying the Mana on its extended weight range, the wing gets more dynamic and due to its light weight it’s the perfect glider for any hike&fly adventure while at the same time it is still very nice to fly in thermals. Its super simple take off behavior and its brilliant climbing ability combined with an intuitive and soft handling make the Mana extremely easy and fun to fly.

Loaded on the maximum, especially the small sizes 18, 21 and 23 are getting a lot more agile. You never had more fun soaring in strong winds; and on days with strong thermals it is still possible to outclimb many other gliders as the Mana turns perfect at any angle of bank.

The optimized and light weight construction with the optional light-risers and the included Summiteer-light backpack (385g) results to a fantastic overall weight. Due to the small packing size the Mana is not only your best choice for any alpine adventure but also the right companion while you are traveling.